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Golf Retirement Plus is a non-qualified supplemental retirement program tailored exclusively for the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA), Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) and the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA). Golf Retirement Plus allows these professionals to contribute to their own personal retirement annuity and allows their employer to make contributions to their retirement annuity. PGA Professionals can also earn incentives through the Golf Retirement Plus Sponsor Programs.

Golf Retirement Plus offers two main ways to grow PGA, GCSAA and CMAA professionals' retirement accounts:

  • PGA, GCSAA and CMAA professionals can personally contribute to their own accounts. The professional controls when and how much he or she wants contributed. They can also contribute a portion of their income each month through the convenient systematic investing strategy available through Golf Retirement Plus.
  • Since many PGA, GCSAA and CMAA professionals do not have a retirement option available through their facility, Golf Retirement Plus provides a win-win opportunity for both employers and these industry professionals. Employers win because they can contribute any amount to a professional’s account as a reward, bonus or portion of salary and not have to deal with the costs and hassles of a traditional retirement plan. The professional wins because his or her account is getting a contribution from the employer, which helps grow the account.

The investment returns and principal value of an investment at any point in time may fluctuate.

With all these ways to contribute to their retirement accounts, PGA, GCSAA and CMAA professionals of all ages can take advantage of Golf Retirement Plus. They can become part of Golf Retirement Plus and build their retirement savings early in their careers.

Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

Golf Retirement Plus was created as a supplemental retirement program for PGA Professionals, GCSAA members and CMAA members. The program was developed at a time when only one in five professionals had employer sponsored retirement programs. There was significant financial cost and staff time associated with the development of Golf Retirement Plus, which is structured as an after-tax retirement program. This cost was borne by the PGA of America, which agreed to share the program with the GCSAA and CMAA, in order to eliminate the cost for similar due diligence and program development for these other associations.

Golf Retirement Plus program policy precludes releasing specific account information. However, the average account holder earned $2,185 in 2013 through the Sponsor Programs.

Sponsor Program incentives are designed as a royalty paid by the sponsor to PGA Golf Enterprises, Inc. (PGAGE), which administers the program. PGAGE in turn contributes an equal amount to the participating PGA Professional's retirement account once they have opened a Golf Retirement Plus account and completed the annual Facility Authorization Agreement. Contributions are often a percentage of the wholesale amount of each purchase.

Pepsi-Cola Company and OfficeMax are examples of two companies that recognize the value of delivering top brands and national account discount pricing as well as Golf Retirement Plus incentives to facilities which employ PGA Professionals. Pepsi-Cola Company products include Pepsi, Lipton and Gatorade. OfficeMax provides low price guarantee for facilities as well as a Golf Retirement Plus incentive for the PGA Professional(s) at those facilities. Most Sponsor Programs are from golf manufacturers who agree the PGA Professional is making the purchase decision or is significantly influencing the purchase decision.

Professionals of all three organizations can add to their Golf Retirement Plus accounts through their own contributions and Golf Retirement Plus Employer Program contributions. PGA Professionals can also contribute to their accounts through participation in the Golf Retirement Plus Sponsor Programs.

When a new Sponsor Program is added to Golf Retirement Plus, each PGA Professional who wishes to participate in the new program must resubmit a Facility Authorization Agreement to the PGA indicating their desire to participate.

PGA Professionals have the option to allocate any portion or all of their Sponsor Program incentives to a fellow PGA Professional(s) of any member classification, employed at the same facility, using the PGA’s Incentive Allocation Agreement. PGA Professionals are encouraged to consider incentive allocation as part of an employee’s overall compensation package. Currently the majority of Sponsor Program incentives accrue to the highest-ranking PGA Professional at each facility.

One way to reduce hiring costs and retain key employees is by investing in them; both now and in their future. Golf Retirement Plus is one way for your employer to demonstrate their interest in the long-term well-being of employees. Contributing to employees’ Golf Retirement Plus accounts is easy and affordable:

  • No costly fees. There are no fees associated with contributing to a Golf Retirement Plus account held by a PGA Professional, CMAA Manager or GCSAA Superintendent.
  • No employer ERISA concerns. Since the program is not a qualified employer-provided plan, your employer won’t be required to comply with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requirements. These requirements are often costly and time-consuming.
  • No investment decisions. The employer won’t have to worry about choosing an investment firm or investment vehicles, and they won’t have to keep track of their professionals’ accounts.
  • No administrative burdens. The only paperwork the employer has to complete in order to participate is a single form. The only recordkeeping the employer has is documenting the total contribution amount on the professionals’ W-2 forms.

PGA Professionals can receive contributions to their Golf Retirement Plus accounts in several different ways: their own contributions, employer contributions, Sponsor Program contributions, Incentive Allocation, & Tournament Earnings. The PGA has a current Facility Authorization Agreement on file for all PGA Professionals who are receiving Sponsor Program contributions. The agreement requires the PGA Professional to indicate whether or not they own their own golf shop concession. If they do not own it, they are required to have their employers indicate their consent on the agreement, which lists the Sponsor Programs in which the PGA Professional plans to participate. When a PGA Professional changes facilities/employers, they must submit a new Facility Authorization Agreement to the PGA.

If a current authorized agreement is not on file at the PGA, PGAGE retains the royalties until the agreement is filed. Royalties are retained for the professional for 2 years.

As a CMAA, GCSAA and PGA Professional, you may contribute to your own retirement savings by taking advantage of the Golf Retirement PlusTM Systematic Investment Program. It is a disciplined way for you to invest for the long term through monthly electronic transfers of $50 or more from your bank account.

Download a Systematic Investment Form

Golf Retirement PlusTM is one way for employers to reduce hiring costs and retain key employees by investing in them—both now and in the future. Employers can contribute to an employee’s account in a variety of ways:

  • A percentage of the employee’s salary
  • An employer-employee match, similar to 401(k)-type retirement plans
  • A predetermined amount based on the employee’s achievement of certain goals
  • A flat contribution, such as a bonus, on an annual basis
  • Payment of the account’s initial opening deposit and then subsequent annual contributions based on performance

Download an Employer Contribution Form

Tournament winnings are an ideal way to help fund your retirement needs.

To direct your Section tournament winnings to your Golf Retirement PlusTM account, simply write your Section Executive Director. They will direct your requested contribution to your account, and you will receive a confirmation from Security Benefit Life.

To direct your National tournament winnings to your Golf Retirement Plus account, simply make a check out to Security Benefit Life for the amount of your tournament winnings you would like directed to your account. Mail it in along with a note that includes your PGA member number, contract number and/or your social security number to:

Golf Retirement PlusTM
12421 Meredith Drive
Urbandale, IA 50398

You will receive a confirmation that your winnings have been invested. You will also receive a 1099 from your Section or the PGA of America based on your Section or National tournament winning investment.

For more information contact, your Section Executive Director or call (877) RET-PLUS

More than 30 Golf Retirement Plus™ Partner Programs are available to PGA Professionals. These partners support your long-term financial planning and saving goals, and most of them offer incentives which are incremental to other financial benefits or discounts available to your facility.

Log in to for more details about each partner’s program.

Incentive Allocations are a way to reward your best employees by allocating or sharing any or all of the incentives you earn with fellow PGA Professionals employed at your facility.

You may choose to share incentives from all of the partners or a select few and with one employee or multiple employees. In addition, you may allocate the incentives at any percentage amounts. For example, a two-person allocation could be split 50-50 or 60-40, and a three-person allocation could be split 40-30-30 or 50-33-17.

To start sharing, download the Annual Incentive Allocation Agreement (IAA) or call a Golf Retirement Plus Specialist at (877) RET-PLUS to request one. Fill out the form, have each participant sign it, and send it in.

Agreements must be completed on an annual basis. You can change who receives allocations at your facility and the allocation percentages at any time by filling out a new IAA.

Additionally, if an Incentive Allocation Agreement is on file and new partners are added to Golf Retirement Plus, you will need to update your incentive allocations by submitting a new IAA.

Note: All PGA Professionals participating in an allocation must be current Golf Retirement Plus account holders and have a current Facility Authorization Agreement on file.

To view your overall Sponsor Program contributions Click here

  • Includes quarterly breakdown of Sponsor Program incentives submitted to your account as well as Sponsor Program incentives currently pending for next quarter's deposit.

To view your overall investment activity Click here

  • Includes Sponsor Program (as listed above), individual, employer and systematic investment contributions and shows the value of your entire account. You can also see your transaction history and subaccount options from this site.

We're here to help! Please contact us in whatever manner is most convenient for you.

Program Administrator

Golf Retirement Plus
P.O. Box 14536
Des Moines, IA 50306-3536

1-877-RET-PLUS (738-7587)

Terry C. Hogan, LTCP, CLTC Golf Retirement PlusTM Specialist (ext. 52337)

Terry has more than 12 years in the insurance industry and currently holds FINRA Series 6 and 63 licenses, along with Variable Contracts, Life Accident and Health, Property and Casualty insurance licenses. Terry believes that proper planning and constant communication are paramount to achieving your financial goals. He is trained to help identify and create wealth building opportunities for you through the Golf Retirement Plus program.


Tracey Faenza, Golf Retirement PlusTM Specialist (ext. 52328)

Tracey Faenza joined the Golf Retirement Plus team in 2012. She holds FINRA Series 6, 26 and 63 licenses, as well as Life/Variable Lines licenses in all 50 states. Tracey enjoys interacting with PGA members and maintaining open lines of communication to ensure individual retirement goals are met.


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